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Drivers Terms and Agreement
Drivers Terms and Agreement

Agreement made between 5 Star Carpool Club, located at 207 Erie St, Syracuse New York, herein referred to as "Company", and "5 Star",. Company contracts out jobs to "Independent Contractor" herein referred to as "Contractor". 5 Star hereby contracts, contractor to perform such duties at such times and in such manner as the company may from time to time direct.

Contract shall come in effect on the day you sign this terms and agreement.

Contractor agrees that 5 Star Carpool Club can use the information provided by contractor to conduct a background and or credit check before the independent contractor will be approved.

Contractor agrees to perform the following:

Contractor understands this is not an offer of employment with 5 Star Carpool Club, and further understands that this is an independent contractor's position.

The contractor agrees to be on time for all scheduled appointments.

Contractor agrees to download 5starscc.com app on their phone.

Contractor also agrees not to take or give out personal contact numbers to members or non members and agrees to only give out the 5 Stars approved marketing material.

Contractor agrees to remain alcohol and drug free while working. She/he agrees to remain professional at all times.

Contractor must call in any additional stops and report back to 5 star on arrival to and from all dispatched locations either by the 5star app or by phone.

Contractor further understands that failure to do so will be considered a breach of contract. Contractor is aware that in the event that contractor fails to cash out, 5 Star will call the authorities and press charges of theft.

Contractor further agrees to abide by all reasonable Company policies and decisions now or hereinafter existing.

Contractor agrees that he/she will perform those duties assigned to him/her to the best of her/his ability, to maintain a current and complete account of his/her work and expenses, to remit promptly to the company any monies paid to her/him or coming into his/her possession which belong to the company, to devote his/her full and undivided time to the transaction of company business and to refrain from being engaged in any other business during login to the 5star app.

Contractor is responsible for maintaining active car insurance, regular maintenance and any minor or major repairs. Contractor agrees to pay for daily operation expenses.

Contractor is aware and agrees that failure to abide by any part therein of this legal binding contract will be considered a breach of contract and contractor forfeits all commission owed by 5 Star.

Contractor is also aware that if at any time during or after this agreement it is brought to the Companies attention that the Contractor broke this agreement, the Contractor agrees to pay back all money paid to the Contractor since the date of this contract. Contractor is aware and agrees that in the event that legal proceedings are required to recover such money, Contractor agrees to pay all court and lawyer fees.

Contractor understands that he/she is responsible for paying their own taxes.

Contractor agrees not to transport anyone other than 5 star's clients. Meaning no friends or family allowed to ride along.

Contractor is aware that when a cash out has been requested, by the Company the contractor shall turn over all money owed to the company. Company will not dispatch any further jobs to the contractor, until all money owed to the company has been recovered. Contractor is aware; that if the company has to go through legal proceedings in order to recover money owed the contractor agrees to be responsible for all court cost and interest owed to the company.

In consideration of the foregoing:

5 Star agrees to pay contractor 50% commission on all booked and completed jobs the Contractor serviced This contract shall become effective the date its signed and remain in effect until it is terminated by either party. Either party may terminate this agreement by providing the other party with 14 day's written notice of his/her or their intention. Should this agreement be terminated by either party, contractor agrees that the payment in full to the date of termination shall fully satisfy all claims against the company under this agreement.


5Star uses a thrid party merchant's to handle all credit card transactions. Strip, Cashapp, Paypal. Even though 5Star doesn't hold your earnings it may take upto 24 hours to reflect in your account.

There will be times that you will get cash orders, in this case a cash out of 50% is required at the end of your day. 5 Star Carpool Club will send you a payment request by phone or email address.
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