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Spot Trace Theft-Alert Tracking Device

TRACE Theft-Alert Tracking DeviceTrack Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.Affordable and easy to use SPOT TRACE is a no-brainer for your cars boats motorcycles toys and other valuables. NO WORRIES. Using 100% satellite technology SPOT TRACE Tracks your most valuable assets virtually anywhere in the world using your phone or computer.

Don't let your most valuable assets disappear without a trace.Features:Monitor valuable assets and receive a text/email message when movement is detected Affordable and easy to use Satellite communications network allows SPOT Trace to work on or off-the-grid View the asset's location and tracking points online Tracking: Select the rate at which you would like to track assets GPS coordinates on your Shared Page or SPOT app Receive frequent updates: choose 2-1/2 5 10 30 or 60 minutes intervals (based on purchased tracking plan)Movement Alerts: Receive a notification when new movement is detected User can choose to receive the alerts every time the asset moves or once per day.

Small easy-to-mount size (options: reversible mounting bracket industrial double sided tape adhesive grip pad or adhesive Velcro strips)Dock Mode: Configure your device to track an asset that is primarily stored on the water Power Off Message: Receive a once a day alert so you know your asset is secureLow Battery Message: Receive a notification when the device's batteries are low Stop Message: See when your asset stops moving on your Shared Page or SPOT app.

Specifications:Compact Size: 2.02" x 2.69"; 3.1 oz.Long battery life and plug-in power optionRugged and waterproof Product : SPOT TRACE SATELLITE BASED ASSET TRACKER Manufacturer : SPOT Manufacturer Part No : SPOT-TRACE-01 UPC : 893049001578

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