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450 Amp Jump-Starter With Usb And 12 Volt Power Source

We have ¯450 Amp (900 Peak Amp) jump-starter with USB / 12V DC power source and work light ¯Built-in 12-Volt DC accessory receptacle.

¯Polarity indicator for added safety ¯Battery status check button ¯charging status LED indicators ¯On/ Off safety switch, ¯High-impact rubber housing ¯120-Volt AC wall charger ¯12-Volt DC charger for use with cigarette lighter outlet.

¯ Built-in work light and multiple LED charge level indicator ¯Exclusive LCA (Low Charge Alert) Technology that automatically sounds when jump-starter needs recharging ¯USB outlet.

Manufacturer: Peak

Dimensions: 13.50x7.56x14.63


450 Amp Jump-Starter With Usb And 12 Volt Power Source

Warehouse AllPowerSupply

Item # : PKCOAZ

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